Issue 14 December 2011
Managing Your Business at a Glance
Who is Innovative Tekniques?
Taking advantage of the enhancements in 2011
Looking forward to 2012
Year End Procedure
Enhance your skills in 2012
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Who is Innovative Tekniques?
Innovative Tekniques, Inc. (IT) is a technology consulting, sales and support service organization. We focus on providing software solutions to real life problems in the small to medium size organizations. We have been serving the business community since 1979.
Our years of computer, manufacturing, service, and financial experience allows us to bring you total solutions.


Happy Holidays!!!
Greetings from Innovative Tekniques, Inc. We want to thank you for your business and hope that you have had a successful 2011.



Have you implemented any of the new features of ALERE over the past year?
2011 gave the ALERE Business Applications many new features and functions.
ALERE Accounting had the release of the Distribution Resource  and the Commission Modules. The Distribution Resource (DRP) module is utilized in determining what is needed to replenish inventory at warehouses based on what is in stock and current and future demand.   ALERE Data Acquisition, released for both accounting and manufacturing, allows the use of wedge scanners or scanners running under Terminal Services. In accounting, scanning will speed the entry of items on a sales order, shipping line items, transferring items, and receiving  purchase orders.  In manufacturing, scanning will provide a more accurate and fast method of entering transactions on the floor.
What is in the future for 2012?
Recently, we have been invited to an open house for the dealer community at TIW.  This meeting allowed us to see some of the new features of the next release along with what is being investigated as new features in the future.  One of the new features of the next release in accounting will be the archiving of data and as usual the development team at TIW has taken a unique approach that will give your business another tool to assist in analyzing your business.  Possible new enhancements  were discussed and revealed by the development team that I can not reveal at this time, except to say I think that they will definitely enhance and assist your business in the future!!!
Year End is Approaching

Every year we receive a couple of calls asking:

What do I need to do in ALERE for Year End?
Under the General Ledger Module- Fiscal Periods option. A screen appears showing your last set of fiscal periods. If 2012 is not present, select ADD.  A new record will appear with 2012 filled in. Select SAVE. A message will appear if the General Ledger periods should be accepted. Select "YES".    


On first day of the new year, the first person lucky enough to sign into ALERE, will receive a screen which will ask to reset YTD balances.  This will reset the YTD purchases and sales located under Manager Module, option Companies for customers and vendors starting with date that appears on the screen. Select O:K.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Enhance your skills in 2012

For those interested or for those who received a certificate for a "Free" seat for renewing your 5 user SMA license, TIW seminars for next year  are as follows. 


Easton Seminars:

   January  11 - 13 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
   January 9 and 10 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


How about a trip to California in the near future?
How about planning a break from the winter? What could be better than learning in the sun!!  The TIW seminars held in Ventura, California.   



 March  14 - 16 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
   January 9 and 10 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM- Easton, Pa
  March 12 and 13 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


To enroll, call Barbara at 1-800-286-2550 Ext 1 or Chris Mohr at 610-258-5161 Ext 717.

Questions or Comments?

We are available and, as always, we appreciate your feedback.

 Please tell us what you think.

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