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June, 2010





Timely Tip 

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DId you Know?


    Within the Sales Module: Customers, Settings tab; if the cursor is placed over the Company Id or Location in the Billing Address field, a message will appear with the primary contact, title, phone, fax and email in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Who is Innovative Tekniques?


Innovative Tekniques, Inc. (IT) is a technology consulting, sales and support service organization. We focus on providing software solutions to real life problems in the small to medium size organizations. We have been serving the business community since 1979.
Our years of computer, manufacturing, service, and financial experience allows us to bring you total solutions.


 We hope that you have
enjoyed your Memorial Day, and
kicked your summer off to a great start!

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Return or Void a Customer Check?

Alere Manufacturing LogoWhat is the difference between voiding  or returning a check from a customer?  Both transactions remove the amount paid from the Invoice.   Both transactions reverse the General Ledger in debiting the Accounts Receivable Account and crediting the Cash Account.  The difference is:     


+ Voiding a check removes all the information from Bank Reconciliation.


+ Returning a check keeps the original amount in the deposit and creates a return check transaction to offset the deposit in Bank Reconciliation.



ShutDown for ALERE Accounting and Manufacturing

ShutDown for ALERE Accounting and Manufacturing provides the Alere Manufacturing Logocompany network system administrator with user access controls to sensitive data in ALERE software applications.

As an ALERE system add-on, ShutDown from Data Developers Plus, Corp. will automatically close active user sessions after pre-set idle time periods expire on workstations or during periods when exclusive use of the system is required. 

Workflow Benefits

  • Control the days and times that the ALERE system will be shut down for maintenance, closing, backups, etc. All users will be automatically logged out. User access remains closed during the time period specified in ShutDown Maintenance.
  • Users are alerted in advance of the shut down process and then logged out of ALERE at the specified time. Only the administrator that set the shut down time has access. 
  • ShutDown will wait for users running a long process such as reports or shipping and then close them out when their process is completed. 
  • Users are alerted about the shutdown time 3 hours prior to the scheduled time so they can prepare to exit the system. 
  • ShutDown makes it easy to close everyone out of the system on large LANs or WANs. 
  • ShutDown will log out a user in the system after a specified idle period (like 30 minutes). The idle period is set by the system administrator. This feature provides additional system security for companies that would prefer not to have an ALERE screendisplayed while a user is no longer at their workstation. 
  • ShutDown is easy to install with no modifications required to the ALERE system. 
  • ShutDown is compatible with all versions of ALERE 


Have a question or want to learn more?  Contact us!  


Who uses ALERE Business Applications?

Alere Manufacturing LogoWould you like to read the profile of a company that uses one or more of the ALERE Business Applications?

Or perhaps you might like to know what kinds of businesses rely on ALERE products for manufacturing, accounting or distribution applications. TIW makes that information available to you and it can be easily accessed it at any time on the
Business Applications page on the TIW web site. There, you can read the profiles of companies that have detailed how they have benefited from their implementation of ALERE Accounting and/or ALERE Manufacturing. Furthermore, you can peruse a list of the wide variety of businesses that are currently using ALERE Business Applications to help their companies grow.   

Alternatively, TIW can also offer you the possibility of including a profile of your company on their web page. However, you need to be aware there are a couple provisions:   

  • Your ALERE Business Applications SMA's must be up-to-date
  • All profiles are subject to our review and acceptance procedures before inclusion on their website

If your company is selected to receive a profile entry on their website, TIW would be glad to include a link from their web page to your web page so that readers can learn more about what your company has to offer. It's a mutually beneficial situation whereby TIW gets to talk about  satisfied customers, and you gain exposure to potential customers.   

If you are interested, please contact
 TIW Public Relations Coordinator David Ross
 at dross@tiwcorp.com and type "User Profile" in the subject box.
You can also call Dave at 610-258-5161 ext. 721.



Mark Your Calendars for TIW Seminars!


With the Release of ALERE Accounting v6.6 it is a great opportunity to view the new features with TIW. For those that are interested, or if you have received a certificate for a "Free" seat for renewing your 5 user SMA license, TIW seminars for the year are as follows:


Accounting -    July 13 & 14 from 9:00am, to 5:00pm

September 15 & 16 from 9:00am to 5:00pm

November 9 & 10 from 9:00am to 5:00pm


  Manufacturing -  July 15 & 16 from 9:00am to 5:00pm

              September 16 & 17 from 9:00am to 5:00pm

November 11 & 12 from 9:00am to 5:00pm



To enroll, call Barbara at 1-800-286-2550 Ext 1 or
Chris Mohr at 610-258-5161 Ext 717. 


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