Issue 11 January 2011
Managing Your Business at a Glance
January Timely Tip
Who is Innovative Tekniques?
Check the Rear-View Mirror to succeed in 2011
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Timely Tip 
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Did you Know?

Allocating items on a sales order: When adding an item with the criteria of a lot item to a sales order, the specific lot can be chosen by selecting the ALLOC button on the item tab of the sales order. This lot or part of the lot cannot be used on any other transaction in the system, it is allocated to this specific sales order.

How to find what lots are allocated?
The Lot/Serial Disposition report will show the item, the lot, the number available and the number allocated.

How can the sales orders for the allocated items be found?
The Future Activity screen which will display the open sales order and the line of the sales order that the  item exists. Double clicking at this point will display the actual sales order.
Who is Innovative Tekniques?
Innovative Tekniques, Inc. (IT) is a technology consulting, sales and support service organization. We focus on providing software solutions to real life problems in the small to medium size organizations. We have been serving the business community since 1979.
Our years of computer, manufacturing, service, and financial experience allows us to bring you total solutions.

Happy New Year!!!


 The staff at Innovative Tekniques wishes you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


Check the Rear-View Mirror to succeed in 2011
Do you review your business every year?


What areas do you look at for improvement?

When we're busy with work, we are so focused on the projects we are working on and the relationships we're building that sometimes the back-end administration side of business gets forgotten. 

Taking time for an annual review is one of the best ways to make sure a business is functioning well behind the scenes and improves processes to be even more successful this year.

Have you reviewed your business procedures?

 + Do you have a cash flow problem? Are you collecting the Accounts Receivable in a timely manner?
 + Are you paying your payables in a timely fashion that you can take advantage of discounts allowed by the vendor?
 + Having trouble with Inventory? Are the lead times by the supplier recorded in the system? Is the safety stock correct?
 + Should your pricing schedule change?

Have you implemented the features of ALERE Business Applications that allow productivity?

 + Collecting email addresses of customers and vendors to allow documents such as Sales Orders, Invoices, and Purchases to be sent from the system. Saving mailing costs and employee time!

Email Automation
Email Automation

 + Adding account distributions to allow automatic assigning general ledger accounts to a Payable for a specific vendor. Saves time in entering the distributions when entering a Payable and eliminates the possibility of accidently entering the wrong account!

 + Utilizing the Proximity Location feature to organize your Sales Staff in calling or visiting a certain area for both Prospects and Customers. Set up a Location Rule for prospects!. Your sales person can enter a zip code and the prospect rule and see what prospects are in a particular area. This is a great tool for sales!


 + Needing to look at a specific number of accounts on an Income statement? The Account Filter Rule allows only specific accounts to be displayed thus allowing analysis of certain sections or combinations of sections of the business.

 + Fetch is an awesome tool that can find invoices, checks, items on a sales order or purchase order with a click of a mouse.  Fetch allows the task of finding critical information in the system quick and easy, saving time and allowing better customer service.

Take the time to review the procedures in your business. Identify your bottlenecks. Once you've analyzed each of these areas and pinpointed areas for improvement, prioritize the list and plan the improvements for the year. 

To avoid being overwhelmed, focus on one area each month in implementing a new procedure. Making the process of a year review an ongoing focus will keep it fresh in your mind and make the annual review more productive. 

Learn about the new features

in sunny California?

SunFor those interested or for those who received a certificate for a "Free" seat for renewing your 5 user SMA license, TIW seminars for are as follows:

Accounting - March 9,10, and 11
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